Image by Gaelle Marcel
We engage with communities, and create spaces and opportunities for connection and belonging through creativity. We know communities have the answers. We value service. We collaborate and work with others. #CommunityOverCompetition 
We believe kindness is everything. We practice kindness through purposeful self-care and compassion. We promote kindness in our communities as a radical act of gentle protest. #KindnessIsASuperpower 


We believe creativity and the arts should be accessible to all, and that social, health or economic factors should not prevent engagement. We find creative solutions to barriers. 


Our Guiding Principles are our roots, our stem and our blooms.  

They are our values, our ethos, our frame of reference, our reason for doing this, and our way of being in the world. They ground us, nourish us, guide us, and help us grow and flourish. We regularly check-in with our Guiding Principles to ensure we're on the right track and to review how we're doing. 

Creativity & Innovation
We are curious creatives. We are reflective critical thinkers. We discover and make. We are inspired. We value and provide evidence-based approaches and see beyond current trends, conventions and the norm. We experiment. We research. #StayCurious 


We practice respect by listening actively, communicating wholeheartedly, collaborating and sharing, expressing gratitude, and honouring boundaries.



We are fair and honest: in big ways, small ways, visible ways, and invisible ways. We always try to do the right thing. We have high standards that ensure the best possible outcomes