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We can't do this without you.
Support us to support others to bloom. 
In order to make our services really, truly accessible to all, we rely on funding from grants and trusts, our amazing community fundraisers, sales of services and products, and the generosity of our community. 
Join the Bloom community today and support, donate and fundraise!
Your support helps people and communities to grow and bloom through creativity! Check out the ways you can get involved below. 
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help your online communities bloom too!

Small things, like following us on social media, sharing, liking and commenting on our posts, make a huge impact!


It spreads our messages about creativity, community, wellbeing, and self-care, far and wide. People further afield may never attend a Bloom group or workshop, but they could benefit from our messaging online.

Like and follow us on social media today - and get involved with our creative online community! We would blooming' love to hear from you! 

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Pay it forward. Kindness is a superpower. 

Your donation directly funds a little person to attend a creative wellbeing group with their caregiver, and thrive through connection, play and creativity. 

Your donation directly funds a young person to attend therapy, find creative ways of safely expressing themselves, and begin to heal from pain and trauma.

Your donation directly funds a family to attend a pantomime together for the first time; strengthening connection through a collective creative experience. 

Donating some of your really hard earned cash helps us make creativity and the arts accessible to more people in our community. Thank you for your kindness. It really is a superpower, which makes you an actual superhero!





Live your best life and help others bloom too. 

Our flipping fabulous fundraisers directly support our mission to provide creative and accessible therapy, support, community engagement and learning for people, their families, and communities, to improve wellbeing. 


Fundraising for Bloom is a fantastic opportunity for you to get creative too! 


Fancy doing a fancy dress 5k, a sponsored dance-off, supporting us with a charity gig, or how about a crafternoon with cuppas and cake?


Thank you for all you do to support your community's wellbeing through creativity. You are a superhero. Not all superheroes wear capes. But, quite often, Bloom fundraisers do!