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Bloom Workshops are experiential and innovative. We invite you to be curious, to experiment, to have a go, to learn from each other. Our approach is always creative. Our workshops are crafted with care and expertly facilitated with just the right amount of challenge and safety. Bloom workshops are skills-based, research-driven, and quality assured. 


We use creativity to explore important subjects relating to wellbeing, mental health, community, social change and creativity. 

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April 2020
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Saturday 4th April
Working with Multilingual Clients with and Without an Interpreter: For Dramatherapists & Psychodramatists  
Dr Beverley Costa
The number of people in Britain whose first language is not English is growing. What is the impact of this for those who provide psychological therapy?  


This specialist experiential workshop, using Action Methods, is designed especially for dramatherapists and psychodramatists, who may use role, movement, objects, masks, and more, and are often not sat down! This is in contrast to other psychological therapies and can therefore make working with and without interpreters even more interesting! The day will include opportunities to curiously workshop the ideas presented to discover their relevance for dramatherapy and psychodrama contexts. The workshop will include:


  • Working effectively with an interpreter,

  • Issues of power in a ‘triad’, including: boundaries, communication, and relationships with both client and interpreter,

  • Communication across cultures, including how to hold tension between safeguarding and cultural sensitivity, and

  • Developing an understanding of how multi-lingual clients may process their emotions differently in their different languages. 


Dr Beverley Costa trained as a Psychodramatist. She founded ‘Mothertongue’, a multi-ethnic counselling service in 2000, and currently directs the ‘Pasalo Project’, which aims to share knowledge, ideas and experience from applied linguistics, psychotherapy and social care across borders and boundaries. 


Tickets are priced at £125. Student tickets are priced at £75. 


Price includes refreshments and a light lunch. Please let us know of any dietary requirements. Please note that while the space is accessible (on street level), toilet facilities are accessed via a steep flight of stairs. Please do get in touch with us if this impacts your participation.

Please book your place via Eventbrite - places are limited!  
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Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th April
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)  
Black Country Suicide Prevention  

We are more likely to come across someone who is having thoughts of suicide than we are to meet someone having a heart attack, yet we are rarely taught essential life-saving suicide first aid skills. Would you know what to do to help? 


ASIST is a two-day creative and interactive workshop in suicide first aid. The workshop teaches participants to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. ASIST can be learned and used by anyone. 

As the world’s leading suicide intervention workshop, ASIST is supported by numerous evaluations including independent and peer-reviewed studies. Results demonstrate that ASIST helps participants become more willing, ready, and able to intervene with someone at risk of suicide. ASIST is proven to reduce suicidality for those at risk. 

During the two-day workshop, ASIST participants learn to: 

  • Understand the ways personal and societal attitudes affect views on suicide and interventions

  • Provide guidance and suicide first-aid to a person at risk

  • Identify the key elements of an effective suicide safety plan and the actions required to implement it 

  • Appreciate the value of improving and integrating suicide prevention resources in the community

  • Recognise other important aspects of suicide prevention, including self-care 


The two-day workshop starts at 9:00am each day, and concludes no later than 5:00pm both days. It is essential that participants attend for the whole two-days. 

Black Country Suicide Prevention are experienced ASIST Master Trainers. They have been delivering suicide prevention training extensively across England since 2013 in a diverse range of contexts. The team are also 

qualified mental health professionals, specialising in suicide prevention and mental health. They have a wealth of experience of working with people with thoughts of suicide both clinically and as suicide first-aiders.

Tickets are priced at £250. 

Price includes refreshments and a light lunch. Please let us know of any dietary requirements. 

Please note: ASIST is adult learning, not therapy. However, as many of us have been touched by suicide, an ASIST workshop can be an emotive experience. ASIST Trainers are ready, willing and able to support participants wholeheartedly through the workshop, however we ask that you consider in advance whether this is the right time for you to take the workshop. For example, now might not be the best time for you if you are recently bereaved. We encourage participants to self-care even before arriving at the workshop. If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch for a chat – we can also signpost you to sources of support. 

Please book your place via Eventbrite - places are limited!