Image by Alex Loup

Bloom Creative Wellbeing CIC is an innovative

not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting people and communities to grow and bloom through creativity.

We provide arts therapies and creative psychotherapy, innovative learning workshops, engaging connection-focused creative wellbeing groups and Blooming Marvellous Events

- all crafted for individuals, families, and communities, to bloom!

Our services are chargeable, however for those who cannot pay, we rely on funding from grants, our amazing community fundraisers and supporters, and the sale of our services and products.  

Bloom is a Community Interest Company, or CIC. 

CICs provide benefit to the community and trade with a social purpose, rather than to make profit. We chose the CIC model for our company because we want to make a difference not a profit. A CIC allows us to do just that, whilst at the same time maintaining effective means of attracting financial support. As a CIC, we can receive funding from grants and trusts, as well as trade our services, making our services accessible to all! Any profit we do make is put right back into the company to benefit the community. It's the perfect model for us!

Bloom is here because we had to be the change we wanted to see in the world. With social and economic inequality growing in the UK, innovative and sustainable business ideas are needed to help drive social change; to empower and support individuals, families and communities. We want to make a difference and Bloom is how we can do that.

Image by Erol Ahmed